harry c ellis loie fuller dans la danse du lys

Movement as Activism

BY Lindsay Sorell

Dance—the moving-image of standing, just as film is the moving-image of photo

Patterson JWatson titlesized

The 10th Alberta Biennial

BY Areum Kim, Maeve Hanna, Adam Waldron-Blain

Three writers on three media works in FOR THE TIME BEING: 2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art.

CaveofWinds4 web

St. Martins, New Brunswick

BY Mikka Jacobsen

Original prose inspired by the images, emotions, and motifs represented in Maryse Larivière's 16 mm film, UNDER THE CAVE OF WINDS.

WILKINSON BLANC possiblecover

Don’t just sit, don’t just stop

BY Lindsay Sorell

An interview with Aran Wilkinson-Blanc and Sabrina Naz Comanescu about the making of their most recent dance on film project, BONUM.

michelangelo closeup

Paint and Popcorn

BY Bryn Evans

Bryn looks at the works of Michelangelo and Hokusai from a plush reclining seat: Cineplex's IN THE GALLERY.

Foot title

Performing objects, readymade bodies

BY Sarah Todd

Dance on film, film on dance: Derek Liddington's Ballet Russe-inspired exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, and Merce Cunningham's 1968 WALKAROUND TIME.

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