Editors note 2021

Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson


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Forest Illuminations in the Time of COVID

BY Rocio Graham

Synthesizing Mexican cultural heritage, botanical practice, and COVID musings, Rocio Graham photographs her body within Canadian landscapes.

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Listening to Wetland Project on Earth Day 2020: “It’s always the right sound at the right time”

BY Laurie White

Harmonizing the cybernetic soundscapes of the endangered ṮEḴTEḴSEN marsh on Saturna Island, BC, Laurie White takes us through the esoteric experience of The Wetland Project into everyday home life.

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Alone Together, Fast and Slow: Browsing through the films of Greetings from Isolation

BY Mary Hunter

Greetings from Isolation draws to inspire a sense of shared human experience from a distanced and isolated singular reality COVID-19 evokes.

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Inside “Western” Filmmaking: An interview with Katie Wackett of CSIF

BY Kathryn Armstrong

Situating independent filmmaking within a national context, Kathryn Armstrong interviews Katie Wackett on the challenges Albertan filmmakers face.

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Demons and Demonization: Filming the Anti-Dungeons & Dragons Hysteria

BY Murray Leeder

Dungeons & Dragons has a controversial history, including its perceived connection to Satanism. Murray Leeder analyzes how this connection is represented in film.

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