marchagainst 570x780

In Betweens

BY Lindsay Sorell

Two Bodies

Linklater SlayAllDay Still 2016 780x570

Slay, Okay

BY Nancy Webb

Tanya Lukin Linklater's SLAY ALL DAY: bodies onscreen—from NANOOK OF THE NORTH to LEMONADE

nicola fig1 780x570

An object is a slow event.

BY Nicola Waugh

Experimental filmmaker Manuela De Laborde—thinking of the frame and the blackness. 

peppers ghost 780x570

Every Movie is a Ghost Story: an interview with Gemma Files

BY Murray Leeder

Award-winning author of EXPERIMENTAL FILM on appearances of Soraya Mousch, the silent era of female filmmakers, and ekstasis: “to be or stand outside oneself, a removal to elsewhere.”

aurora official

Black box, white cube, and something in the middle

BY Alex King

Armenian film, Atom Egoyan, and celluloid's role in discussing migration, memory and trauma at Regina's MacKenzie Art Gallery.

LAVERY Lauren Image1 780x570

thirstDays No.08: SO WIDE SO LOW SO HIGH

BY Lauren Lavery

What can art do to fulfill a mandate of hope and agency: ceremony, film, and karaoke.

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