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Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Loss & Survival

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Materiality, Interaction, and the Other: Colton Hash & Freya Olafson

BY Stacey Cann

Stacey Elizabeth Cann's exploration of the New Materialism and how two artists are deconstructing the binary between the natural and technological.

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Behind the Screen: Lessons from Making IN PLAINVIEW

BY Tae Haahr

Tae Haahr's talks with the team behind the 2018 gritty revenge thriller IN PLAINVIEW

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PRAYER FOR A LOST MITTEN: An Interview with Jean-Francois Lesage

BY Guillaume Carlier

A conversation with documentary director Jean-Francois Lesage about the feelings of loss and longing that we carry with us.


The Art Experience vs The Art Object: Performing Arts in the Digital Realm

BY Savanna Harvey

Savanna Harvey explores the changing landscape of performance in the digital sphere during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Requiem for a Glacier: Mourning Climate Change

BY Kristen Hutchinson

As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, composer and artist Paul Walde crafts a striking homage to a melting glacier.

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