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  • Declan Hoy

    *Declan Hoy* is an artist and writer whose projects explore photography, semiotics, and time. Recent projects include: The Usual Place, But To The Side (The Ivan Gallery, Calgary AB), and a show...

  • Berkley Brady

    *Berkley Brady* is a  filmmaker based out of Calgary, Alberta, who got her start in film through a Telefilm initiative in 2006. Since then, she has played a...

  • Felicia Glatz

    Felicia Glatz holds a degree from the University of Calgary in Film Studies and is a proud and enthusiastic member of Calgary’s eclectic film community. As a writer...

  • 009 Summer

  • Movement as Activism

    Ties made through social media however—groups on Facebook, Twitter hashtags, Instagram private messages—are low-risk, with a low level of accountability. While they succeed in exposing a User to new...

  • The 10th Alberta Biennial

  • The 10th Alberta Biennial

    Echo’s Chorus by Devon Beggs: A Strange Polyphony by Areum Kim

  • Fig. 2

  • The 10th Alberta Biennial

    The video starts in a dark cave draped with a host of stalactites, shrouded in soft synth sound. Absurd and whimsical forms emerge from the transmuting landscape of Devon Beggs's Echo's...

  • New Images Row