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Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Intersections of Creativity & Place

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Equinox Vigil in Calgary’s Historic Union Cemetery 2012 –2018: A Farewell

BY Aran Wilkinson-Blanc

A photo essay that captures the spirit of EQUINOX VIGIL, a public ritual that brought hundreds of people together at Union Cemetery to experience their loss and grief led by artists, poets, dancers, musicians, and choirs.

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Creation, Loss, and Rediscovery: On Sandi Tan’s SHIRKERS

BY Steph Wong Ken

Singaporean filmmaker Sandi Tan chronicles her journey in rediscovering her first film and the haunting experience of loss and betrayal she experienced as a young filmmaker through her latest documentary, SHIRKERS.

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Compassion and Resistance: Rita McKeough’s Works

BY Yuii Savage

A review of RITA MCKEOUGH: WORKS, an extensive monograph that provides a critical survey of McKeough's rich career and expansive practice that is deeply steeped in the alternative music scene, punk performance, and queer feminism.

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The Darkened Room and Reflected Magic: Donald Lawrence and the Camera Obscura

BY Kelaine Devine

Converting a 1920s grain bin into a multi-sensory art installation, Donald Lawrence's Nanton Camera Obscura distorts familiar Albertan environment into an atmospheric and interactive piece.

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Edmonton Sound Travels

BY Suzette Chan

From local electronic fixture Marcel Dion to accordionist-turned-synth soundsmith Raylene Campbell, Suzette Chan profiles the careers of various sound artists attending the Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society's 2019 conference in the first in a series of features exploring Edmonton's lively sound scene.

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