Kevin Rice

Kevin Rice has been working with film since 2007. His practice is predominately based in the darkroom where he researches all aspects of photochemistry and performs in depth experiments on 16mm which occasionally result in a “film.”

In 2012, he co-founded Process Reversal, a non-profit whose mission is to advocate and ensure the viability of film for all. His work there has included a wide spectrum of outreach activities aimed at helping to develop an artist run film lab network in North America. This includes a traveling screening and workshop series titled Frenkel Defects, the brokering and coordination of film lab equipment donations to experimental film communities and the development of open source resources that enable greater access to information on all elements of filmmaking. 

As of 2017, Kevin has been based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he is working to build a new artist run film lab and cinema. His current film project is a site specific adaptation of the book General Sensitometry by Yuri Nikolayevich Gorokhovskii.

Articles by Kevin Rice

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