Ziwei Huang

Ziwei Huang was born and raised in Guangzhou, a coastal city in south-east China. He came to Canada in 2016. Since then, he has been working as a print-maker, graphic designer, and photographer based in Edmonton, Alberta. He attends the University of Alberta, majoring in History of Art. His training in arts allows him to produce artworks in a conceptual way. Photography is a space between reality and his ego where he contemplates, investigates, and understands the world around him. Using street photography as his primary medium, he seeks to capture people in their most candid state in relation to their urban environment. He also emphasizes storytelling, constructing complex narratives out of his photographs. In addition, he experiments with alternative process to develop his photographs and produce abstract images. He developed his unique style of cyanotypes and had them displayed at the Edmonton Art Walk and various auctions organized by department of Art & Design at the University of Alberta. With eager to share his perspectives and knowledge and generate conversations within his community, he has given a demonstration and workshop about cyanotypes at the Artlier Studio in 2019.

Articles by Ziwei Huang

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