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Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson

The Power of Discomfort

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Matthew Rankin Asks “Who Owns The Twentieth Century”?

BY Guillaume Carlier

An interview with Matthew Rankin about his first feature film, THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, a beautiful mixture of history, satire, dedication, and deep questioning.

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That Battle is Over, Girl: Alice Schoenberg

BY Alexa Bunnell

Alexa Bunnell considers how activism, femininity, and performance play out in the Superwoman persona of artist Alice Schoenberg.

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Intimacy and Distance: Mona Hatoum at the Western Front

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Mona Hatoum's videos and performances at the Western Front questioned spectatorship and disrupted the idea of woman as object.

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Being Artful: An Interview with Multimedia Artist Brad Necyk

BY Shaun Crawford

Shaun Crawford interviews Brad Necyk about his recent artistic exploration of people living with illness and his experiences of co-creating with them in their communities.

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The Monsters Are Due in Calgary: RED LETTER DAY and the Suburban Gothic

BY Murray Leeder

An exploration of the paradox of suburbia in the 2019 horror film RED LETTER DAY by Calgary filmmaker Cameron Macgowan.

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