Editor's Note

BY Lindsay Sorell

...that space between the record of the thing and the thing itself, the film and its subject, traversing the space between art and art criticism...

FR 04

Ektoplasm-o-vision! with Guy Maddin

BY Murray Leeder

Film as a haunted medium, the Internet as promised immortality, and 10 000 hits on Google

Frampton sm

A Failed Poet

BY J.D. Mersault

Avant-garde film as predictive of our future, as a jack of all trades, as Hollis Frampton.

Natch 2

Turtles All The Way Down

BY Stephen Nachtigall

The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies collide, the wasp and orchid fuse, form and shape is given to humanity’s more abstract dialogues and concepts – The Third Table is made intelligible using media art.

fig.1.Draw Down

Our Lexicon of Dark Corners to Light Up is Always Expanding

BY Jesse Cumming

Dimly lit underpasses, construction sites, abandoned polar bear cages: this is where celluloid resides.

Risk mainimage


BY Jasmin Risk

Hair, oil painting, aerial patterns of the earth, flowing lava, heat currents, intestines: existence is a riddle of repetitions, a textile worthy of your attention span.

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