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Editor's Note

BY Lindsay Sorell

Feelings of Worth

Real failure7

Culture & Capital: “Real failure needs no excuse” at the Esker Foundation

BY Rebecca Smyth

Defining “Work,” “Labour,” and “Job” amidst 20% office vacancy rates.

stenson 1

Totally By Yourself In This Vast Emptiness: Ted Kotcheff on "Wake in Fright"

BY Ted Stenson

Canadian filmmaker Ted Kotcheff discusses the making of his long-time obscure film, "Wake In Fright," and being surrounded by 500 miles of dust and heat.


the horniness of the unmoored thought

BY Bogdan Cheta

Activism, subjective labour, and a soft call to action through Sandra Vida’s "Portal"


Re-presentations, Adaptations, and VARIATIONS

BY Riva Symko

Chipping away at the fixed materiality of media/mediums, Mark Templeton’s project, "VARIATIONS," resurrects Michael Snow’s poem, “Poem,” into the living world of two and three dimensions.

black xmas eye edit

Who Can Save the Brides of Billy?: Horror and Gender in "Black Christmas" and "The Bloody Chamber"

BY Nick Johnson

Discussing two horror narratives of the ’70s, Nick examines the gaze, Carole J. Clover’s writing on slashers, and the female embodiment of the masculine.

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