Luma accepts pitches and previously unpublished finished works that aim to expand critical dialogue about media art and film. Submission formats can include, but are not limited to: critical essays, news, reviews, event previews, interviews, reflections, and photo or video essays. Submissions must address culturally relevant film and media art productions, events and ideas with preference being given to Western Canadian writers and topics.

Submission deadline for Issue 011 is November 21, 2017Successful applicants will be notified by December 5. All final drafts must be ready for publication on January 9.

Luma accepts submissions on an ongoing basis for publication in May, August, November and February.

Please see the mandates of EMMEDIA and CSIF before submitting.

Submission Guidelines

Click here to view our detailed pitch and finished work submissions guides. 

Multiple submissions are accepted; simultaneous submissions are not.
Successful contributors will receive an honorarium of $200 per submission per issue.