Sanaa Humayun

Sanaa Humayun is a second-year student completing her BFA in painting at AUArts and an emerging visual artist residing in Mohkinstsis, trying to make art and make space for marginalized folks. She is involved in Latitude 53 & the Mitchell Art Gallery’s project Writing From Here, and is, along with Kiona Ligtvoet, co-founder of Making Space - a peer mentorship group for racialized emerging visual artists. She has exhibited most recently at Lowlands Gallery, Marion Nicholls Gallery, and Latitude 53. Her art explores themes surrounding her identity as a queer, fat, woman of colour, and her right to take up space without facing violence. She is a first-generation Canadian attempting to navigate the complicated politics of existing between two worlds, and trying to understand a Canadian identity as a woman of colour, and as a guest on stolen land. She is passionate about being an activist in treaty 7 territory and fostering community, through means of art and conversation.

Articles by Sanaa Humayun

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