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Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Oceans, Cities & Sound

Yang Smith Fig. 1

Femme, Fierce, & f-stops: Women Working in Photography

BY Chelsea Yang-Smith

Chelsea Yang-Smith, Elyse Bouvier, Rocio Graham, and Heather Saitz discuss gender politics, work ethics, and lessons learned as freelance photographers in Calgary.

CHAN Suzette Fig. 1

Edmonton Sound Expands

BY Suzette Chan

Plato, cassettes, and babies - Suzette Chan profiles the expansive Edmonton soundscape with Kelly Ruth, the Olm, Pseudo Laboratories, and Mustafa Rafiq.

BEWS Jacob Fig. 1

What’s Found & What’s Wrought: On Abbas Kiarostami’s CLOSE-UP

BY Jacob Bews

Jacob Bews interprets the simultaneous display of deception and truth in Abbas Kiarostami’s iconic 1990 film CLOSE-UP through a close reading of the film's aesthetics.

Huang Fig. 1

Tourism of Tourism

BY Ziwei Huang

A photo essay deconstructs the tourist gaze in Venice through the lens of street photography, drawing attention to the oddities of mass tourism.

Maciejko Fig. 1

Such partnerships, too: Eveline Kolijn’s THE OCEAN INSIDE

BY Kaylee Maciejko

An exploration of the agency of nature and the relationship between capitalist and colonist frameworks and the climate crisis in Eveline Kolijn's THE OCEAN INSIDE.

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