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Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson


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A Lineage of Self: Vivek Shraya’s TRISHA

BY Jason Purcell

Resilient femininity, cultural complexities, and intergenerational understandings in Vivek Shraya's photographic series TRISHA.

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Time Record: A Memoir of Teenage Cinephilia by VCR

BY Murray Leeder

Nostalgic for the practice of an outmoded technology, Murray Leeder chronicles his personal cinematic education through VHS film recordings.

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Fostering Women and Filmmaking: 30 Years of Herland

BY Nina Staum

A long-standing feature of the Calgary film community, the Herland Mentorship Program for female-identifying creators has given rise to generations of diverse voices in filmmaking.

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How Real Do You Want Me To Be?: Kate Craig’s DELICATE ISSUE

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Kate Craig explores the surface of her own skin to raise questions about embodiment, identity, and spectatorship.

02.JeremyShaw Liminals 2017

Machine Language Protocol: Jeremy Shaw’s QUANTIFICATION TRILOGY

BY Matt Bowes

Jeremy Shaw’s QUANTIFICATION TRILOGY utilizes sensory techniques to generate a transcendent filmic experience, one which speculates about “the future of our species”.

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