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Editor's Note: A Scene from 16

BY Lindsay Sorell

Careful Observation, Akin to Love


A Powerful Audience

BY Paige K Boudreau

Paige Boudreau, Sandi Somers, and Michal Lavi on gender equality in the film industry, female filmmaker packages, and issues around "keeping it positive."

sailboats header

Without the river children cannot learn how to count

BY Kaylin Obst, Lindsay Sorell

Collected Holga 135 photographs (2012-17) of Kaylin Obst, magic realism, and sharing the soft pulse of poetry.

LADY BIRD 231 FS fin1 Logo

The Wrong Side of the Tracks

BY Shelby Gray

Nostalgic, heart wrenching, and hilarious—with a splash of Justin Timberlake: a review of Greta Gerwig's critically acclaimed feature debut LADY BIRD.

postcommodity 1

Crossing Borders

BY Michelle Lazo

Transborder journeys: Michelle Lazo engulfed by Postcommodity's moving installation at Esker Foundation, A VERY LONG LINE.

Gillian 8 onset

Creating a Baseline

BY Ted Stenson

The first of a three-part series on the production of CIRCLE OF STEEL, Gillian McKercher walks us through the bare bones of pre-production for her first feature film.

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