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Editor's Note: Re-Ornamentation

BY Lindsay Sorell

Totalitarian vision, feelings of entrapment, and class disparity

1995 James Morison and Sean Iles shorts

Keep it loose: a short history of the Artifact Small Format Film Festival

BY Felicia Glatz

Felicia Glatz chronicles the nomadic history, imagination, and recent transformation of Calgary's longest running film festival—from three rolls of sound film to the celluloid renaissance.

Yoshi Sodeoka Let it Be title

The Channelers

BY Özgün Eylül İşcen,

Co-presented with DECOY MAGAZINE, the exhibition essay for THE CHANNELERS at EMMEDIA: videos and .gifs about Marxism, the re-distribution of value, and still getting paid.


Private Rooms: Suite for Kapwani Kiwanga

BY Neil Surkan

Drinking light through their eyes—poet Neil Surkan responds to Kapwani Kiwanga's film A PRIMER with meditations on colour, nature, freedom, chaos, and the aesthetics of isolation in Calgary.

still Gillian

Choice With Context, Endurance…, & Dr. Dre

BY Ted Stenson

The second in LUMA's three-part series on the making of Gillian McKercher's CIRCLE OF STEEL, this interview finds inspiration in an unlikely place: Dr. Dre.

KLUTE tape player

Wiretapping Pakula's KLUTE

BY Mary Arnatt

"Somebody may be following her, watching her"—surveillance, paranoia, and Jane Fonda in Alan Pakula's 1971 film KLUTE.

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