Beverley Rockett

Is it finished.

BY Lindsay Sorell

The Dimensions of Presence

Kite title

Concrete constructs of linearity

BY Nicole Kelly Westman

Suzanne Kite's EVERYTHING I SAY IS TRUE at the Walter Phillips Gallery: spacetime, shapeshifting, and recognizing responsible truths.


Punning Photography’s Legacy: His dreadful glance

BY Bruce Hugh Russell

A review of Colin Miner’s recent exhibition at Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre in Regina: subverting the signifiers of ‘high art,’ considering, living, and discovering with slowness.


On Collectives, Projects, Film Itself, and a Sausage Factory

BY Lindsay McIntyre, Kevin Rice

Hosting screenings and making film without funding, support, or equipment: writing a guide for saving a dying medium on a dime.

conway 8

Human Rights and Film at 150

BY Alana Conway

Julia Peristerakis, curator for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, discusses Canada’s sesquicentennial, our human rights record, and film as a medium for empathic discovery.


The Language of Trees

BY Luba Diduch, Fay Stevens

Two artists spend time recording, circling, and interpreting two trees on two continents in preparation for their upcoming residencies.

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