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Editor's Note

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Art During the Pandemic

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BY Terrance Houle

Terrance Houle creates striking black & white portraits using analog photography during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Many Faces of NOFAC3: Documenting Calgary’s Queer Underground

BY Trent Warner

A profile of artist Khrysta Lloren's portrayals of queer culture in Calgary

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SPAM: No More Plastic Humyns! I Want Affective Indoctrination.

BY Uii Savage

Data, networks, and virtual space: Uii Savage muses on experiencing and creating art in an over-saturated, pandemic world.

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Calling All Queers: A Spotlight on NFB Animation

BY Kristen Hutchinson

Through the freedom provided by animation, five filmmakers create LGBTQ+ works about self-realization and acceptance.

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Our Message to You

BY Ziwei Huang

Wandering the streets of Hong Kong, photographer Ziwei Huang captures the advertisements, graffiti, and signage that exemplify the city's multi-faceted identity.

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