Comet67P Rosetta 960

Editor's Note

BY Lindsay Sorell

And I am thinking now that this is an exciting time for us, as Western Canadians, and in particular, Albertans.

6. Skins 2.0 Skahionati approaches the Stone Giant from the The Adventure of Skahion ati Legend of the Stone Giant game prototype 2012 AbTeC

Jason Edward Lewis: The Indigenous Future Imaginary

BY Rebecca Smyth

A phone conversation with Indigenous Futurist Jason Edward Lewis about building new knowledge systems in support of diversity and sustainability.

FISCHER Tianna Image2

Handmade Portraits

BY Tianna Fischer

Experimental celluloid filmmaker Lindsay McIntyre, Visiting Artist for Calgary’s 24th Annual $100 Film Festival, discusses the disruptive, renewed vitality of film in the digital age.

BEDET Ashley Image1


BY Ashley Bedet

Surreal, hyperbolic, but ultimately relatable, the chaos of Lisa Lipton’s universe is always held together by a beat of a drum.

UnexpectedImage4 Cindy

Unexpected Images

BY Sally Raab

Stripping film photography technology down to its most basic components—aperture, light and exposure—enables a group of artists at Calgary’s Studio C to capture images through a process that is unpredictable, simple and magic.

05 Nicole Kelly Westman cover

Women Extracting Ghosts: Mining Place and Time in Nicole Kelly Westman’s ROSE, DEAR

BY Ginger Carlson

Whether moved by human or natural forces, shifting rock and sediment in the Albertan badlands provides a chronology for ghosts and abandoned towns.

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